Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm feeling generous

I think it's about time for a Holiday giveaway! What do you think???

This weekend I will give away a new prize each day. So you have 3 chances to win!!!

Now until Friday at 11:59 p.m EST you can enter to win a pair of earrings in your choice of colors and a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING on your NEXT order!

Saturday at midnight until 11:59 EST you can enter to win a personalize name bracelet. (This will include one name spelled in the round, white beads pictured on my Etsy store.)

Sunday at midnight until 11:59 EST you can enter to win a $15 gift certificate to be used in my store or put toward a custom piece!

Here's how to win, you get ONE entry for each of the following. Entries are only good for that day's giveaway. You MUST return daily to enter for that day's prize!

-Comment here with your name, e-mail address and tell me your favorite thing about this time of year.

-Follow me here on Blogger.

-"Like" my FB fan page ( AND come back and tell me here that you did!

-Post about F.A.R. on a blog, FB status, etc. You will get one entry for each place you talk about F.A.R. Just be sure to come back here and tell me where you posted so I can verify it!

-A special entry for past a picture of YOU wearing one of my pieces on my FB fan page and get an extra entry! (One entry for pictures per day. Multiple pictures will not result in multiple entries. However, each day must be a picture of a different piece so feel free to use extra pictures then.)

Now go get busy! Tell your friends about F.A.R. and my fun giveaways!


Lora Nix ( said...

My favorite thing about this time of year is spending time with my family.

Lora Nix ( said...

Posted on FB about F.A.R.

KristinDoula said...

I already Like your FB page!
I posted about F.A.R. on FB!
I posted about F.A.R. on Pleo! :-)
~Kristin P.

KristinDoula said...

Oops...forgot these two:

I am now following you here!
This time of year...I love seeing it all through my children's eyes and spending extra family time together! :-)

summer said...

My kids aren't big enough to get excited yet, so my favorite thing right now is cooking a big yummy meal.

Summer W

Wiznut said...

I think my niece Kristin Doula posted to check out your site, and I did, very nice!

Anonymous said...

I love your jewelry!! April buys it all up though!!!! You do a great job. I get lots of good comments every time I wear any of it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about this time of year is its a time to look back and look forward.

Jill P.

Melissa W said...

My favorite thing about this time of the year is trying to surprise hubby with a gift he has no idea about. It is so hard to do!!

( -- not the one blogger will show you :)

Melissa W said...

I placed your FB page link as my status update just now.

I "like" your FB page already.

Thank you, ma'am :) :) :)

Melissa W said...

Oh, and I am a follower of your blogger page, too.

Becca said...

I'm following you from my blog (road2vba2c).
I mentioned you on my blog.
I mentioned you on facebook.

Diane K. said...

I became a fan of your FAR page on fb. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that Sarah and Matt are here for a longer time than the rest of the year! And, my mom's fudge would be a close second ;)

Donna-it's not letting me sign in to my account....

Scarborough Lane said...

Jenny Scarborough
jenny at scarboroughlane dot com

I think my favorite time of year is getting to be with family and good friends. We are far from most of our family, but at least we have each other :)

Lora Nix said...

Posted on fb status about F.A.R. again today.

Like your page on fb... following your blog here... another favorite thing about this time of year is giving to others (which is why I would love to win this bracelet for my daughter (: ).

Lora Nix

Lora Nix said...

OOPS!!! It's only 11:04 PM here... LOL

Lehia Mickells said...

Lora, since I was slow about drawing, I'll let you squeak by for the bracelet! :)

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